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The Concept

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How It Works

What protects our astronauts from 400° of Heat on the sunny side of the moon ... and -300° Cold on the dark side? Aluminum foil. Aluminum foil literally stops the transfer of heat. That's why, today, it is used in literally thousands of product packaging ... from candy bars to potato chips ... to keep them from being destroyed by heat. And now, with ATTICSHIELD, aluminum foil can do the same for your home!

Goodbye, High Energy Bills!
Where does heat cost you the most money? In your home. And where does most of the heat come from in your home? The attic. Over 90% of the heat gains in summer and heat losses in winter are right through the ceiling. Stop the heat; stop the meter.

ATTICSHIELD is sheets of aluminum foil designed especially to create a thermal barrier in your attic... keeping heat from entering your home in the summer, or escaping in the winter.

Made from two sheets of 99.5% pure aluminum sandwiching polypropylyne threading for strength, ATTICSHIELD — when laid right over your existing insulation — stops 95% of heat in your attic from coming into your house.

It Pays For Itself!

The results of adding ATTICSHIELD to your attic? Big savings in summer and winter on heating and cooling bills. The amount you save will be determined by your own living conditions ... but most people save enough to pay for the ATTICSHIELD in just one, hot, four-month summer season! Some people have even paid for vacations from the utility savings from ATTICSHIELD!

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