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How It Works

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How It Works

It's a well known fact in the air conditioning business that if you could stop the heat from entering your house from your attic you would reduce your energy consumption and increase your comfort level greatly. By installing ATTICSHIELD over existing attic insulation you'll block the heat from entering you home. ATTICSHIELD doesn't reflect the heat because its shiney, it blocks heat or deflects it. Aluminum is one of the few substances known to absorb less than .05% heat. This means that the hot radiant air molecules are blocked from entering your house and are deflected out through the attic ventilation system. At the same time no moisture can ever be trapped under the ATTICSHIELD because of the thousands of little pin point holes in the product to allow it to breath. Dust can't effect it either. Some products are packaged in foil which has been painted, or are even covered by vinyl and the physics of aluminum still stops the heat. When the astronaut's landed and walked on the moon there was two feet of dust on the surface of the moon and we never heard of any melt down of equipment or the astronaut's suits failing to perform properly did we? Ever notice what a walk in freezer or a refrigerated tractor-trailer is made from? Aluminum!

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