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"When I was approached with the Attic Shield product, I was curious how well this product would actually work. After installing Attic Shield in my own house, I immediately felt a difference that afternoon. We are at the end of July, and my thermostat stays on 76. The humidity inside the house seems to have gone away. My air units run half the time as before. It's amazing to feel the difference in the comfort level of my home. I look forward to the energy savings this winter.

Greg Gilliland
Brandon, Mississippi


"I've never felt such a change in the comfort level of my home! I could tell the difference the first day we put the material in. I live in a two story house and the temperature upstairs now stays the same as downstairs. We used to have a big difference, but now its just as comfortable as downstairs. My utillity savings has paid for the product 10 times over."

Gary Rhoads
City of Flowood, Mississippi


My utility savings and comfort level of my house has sold me on the product. Owning two paint and body shops in Mississippi, I know how hot summer heat can become in an environment not protected by Attic Shield. My money is important to me and I like saving big bucks on energy. Since our country is dependent on foreign energy I think it's our patriotic responsibility to conserve energy.

JD Pass
Rainbow Collision Centers
Jackson, Mississippi

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