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Frequently Asked Questions

When you use ATTICSHIELD, expect these special advantages over typical insulation products:

- Reduced Energy Cost
Stops Radiation
- Cool Summers, Warm Winters
- Clean and Safe
- Increased Comfort
- 35 lbs per 1000 sq. ft. roll

Q: How does ATTICSHIELD work?

A: Since all objects and bodies give off radiant heat, it is important to deal with this heat mode to get truly energy efficient buildings. The best way to stop radiant heat is to reflect it or reduce the amount that is given off. ATTICSHIELD does just that by reducing the amount of radiation that enters your home or office.


Q: How does ATTICSHIELD keep homes warm in winter and cool in summer?

A: AtticShield that is in the walls and ceiling of your home is like aluminum foil when wrapped around a baked potato – in the winter it holds the heat in because of the foil's low emittance. In the summer, ATTICSHIELD's aluminum surfaces reflect the heat before it can enter, keeping the inside cool and comfortable.


Q: Will ATTICSHIELD work in various areas of my home?

A: ATTICSHIELD is an ideal insulating product for many home insulation projects. Use ATTICSHIELD to insulate basement walls before paneling a new recreation room. Use it to warm up the floors by insulating the crawl spaces. Turn a garage into a year around workspace by stapling ATTICSHIELD over the framing studs of the walls and ceiling. Block the effects of summer's sun by applying ATTICSHIELD to the ceiling joists or over exisiting insolation. Wrap the water heater to reduce energy consumption. Stop pipes from sweating by wrapping them with ATTICSHIELD. There are many ways ATTICSHIELD can be used around the home to save energy and increase comfort – and it's clean, easy to install, and environmentally safe too!


Q: I already have plenty of insulation in my attic. Do I really need ATTICSHIELD?

A: Regardless of how much insulation you have in your attic, adding ATTICSHIELD could reduce your heating and cooling expense, and keep you much more comfortable. Energy savings in most homes for heating and cooling can range from 8% to 25% depending on a number of factors including climate, building configuration, materials used, site, family size and lifestyle, etc.


Q: If I lay ATTICSHIELD on my regular insulation, will it cause a moisture problem?

A: No. The tiny holes in the ATTICSHIELD allow moisture to escape from your regular insulation.


Q: Do I have to take my existing insulation out before installing ATTICSHIELD?

A: No. ATTICSHIELD actually makes your present insulation more effective.


Q: Is ATTICSHIELD difficult to install?

A: Not at all. There are no special clothing or mask requirements because ATTICSHIELD can't hurt you. All you need are scissors, razors, measuring tape, and a stapler. Detailed installation instructions are available upon request.


Q: Does ATTICSHIELD cost a lot more than mass insulation products?

A: No. In fact, ATTICSHIELD is much more cost-efficient than typical mass insulation products.


Q: Does ATTICSHIELD provide any special benefit for animal confinement buildings?

A: Yes. Because ATTICSHIELD is impervious to moisture, its surfaces can be cleaned with high-pressure sprayers. This makes disinfecting confinement building walls and ceilings a much easier task. ATTICSHIELD, when left exposed to the inside of your building, gives an added benefit of comfort not experienced with other insulations. Livestock give off body heat, which is reflected back to them by the ATTICSHIELD surfaces. This keeps them more comfortable at a lower ambient air temperature than with regular wall and ceiling surfaces, thereby lowering energy costs. Also, exposed ATTICSHIELD can cut lighting requirements by as much as 30%. ATTICSHIELD keeps confinement buildings cooler in the summer. Because there is no heat buildup, temperatures should never get higher than outside air temperatures in buildings that are adequately ventilated. In the winter ATTICSHIELD's reflective ability virtually eliminates temperature stratification inside the confinement structure. This stabilization of temperatures from floor to ceiling reduces convective drafts, providing an additional measure of comfort for livestock.


Q: Rodents and beatles like to nest in most mass type insulations. What about ATTICSHIELD?

A: Rodents and other pests can't find a good home in ATTICSHIELD like they can in mass insulations. That helps keep them out of confinement structures, reducing feed loss and disease. Whether you raise poultry, pigs, or fish, ATTICSHIELD will help you raise them healthier and faster.

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