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Attic Roof Install Tips


Attic / Attic Roof

  • Starting at one end of the roofing framework, measure the length across the trusses, adding enough to allow hang at both ends. Cut the first piece and lay in place.

  • Pull tight both ends and attach to trusses and purlins using self-tapping screws and washers or with pressure sensitive aluminum tape. DO NOT USE DUCT TAPE. Follow taping instructions below. DO NOT USE MECHANICAL PULLERS TO TIGHTEN INSULATION. It is natural for ATTICSHIELD to sag slightly. This will not be noticeable from the inside of the building following installation.

  • Cut the second length, laying parallel to the first. Make sure to butt or slightly overlap edges. Tape ALL seams.

  • Roof sheeting can be applied in the conventional manner as soon as there is sufficient insulation in place to accommodate sheeting width. An alternative taping approach is to combine it with the installation of the roof decking. After the first piece of insulation is installed, fold the open end back over the top of the roof deck. Butt the second length of insulation to the edge and tape. Then fold the second piece back over the roof trusses and continue to install the deck.
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