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Horizontal Installation Tips

Retrofit Applications

- Snap a line
2 - Measure to cut lengths
3 - Attach to corner pole on the inside lower corner of wall
4 - Roll out and begin securing to purlins. Leave approximately 1" airspace between wall and insulation.

Continue Steps, following recommended taping instructions.


New Construction

  • Install insulation from the bottom up. Snap a line across the entire wall length to establish a straight edge. Position line to leave approximately 3" of insulation below the top of the foundation.

  • Measure the length to be applied from corner to corner, allowing an additional amount for overlapping. Starting at the bottom of the wall, overlap the foundation approximately 3", keeping the top edge parallel to the snap line. Wrap around the corner pole and staple, screw or tape in place.

  • Continue with the next length, installing it parallel to the first length. Staple, screw or tape to purlins across the entire length of the wall, overlapping the first layer 2 inches if edges don't meet at the purlins. Secure ATTICSHIELD only to the extent that the material will stay in place until the metal skin is applied.

  • Tape to opposite corner pole as in Step #2.

  • Follow the taping instructions found below. Continue along each wall until application is complete. Attach metal sheeting directly over insulation in the conventional manner.

Taping Tips

  • Use only aluminum foil tape.
  • Use a tape width that is appropriate to the job. Usually, the wider the tape, the easier to install.
  • Use a squeegee or flat edge to press against the tape to ensure the best adhesion.
  • Always follow the tape manufacturer's recommendations on storage and use.
  • ATTICSHIELD recommends using an acrylic base adhesive tape, wherever moisture or condensation is a concern.
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