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Attic Installation Tips

Attic / Hot Water Heaters

Before entering your attic, measure the length or width of your house and determine the best or easiest way to roll out the ATTICSHIELD. Usually after previewing your attic, you can tell which way would be the easiest or require the least amount of cutting and molding around pipes and 2 x 4 braces. Whichever way you decide to roll out the material, you want to pre-cut that length into several smaller rolls from the original 500 or 1000 sq. ft. roll.

  • To do this, a simple jig may be used made from sawhorses or 2' x 4's which will suspend the roll off the floor enough to roll out the desired length onto a round broomstick or rake handle.

  • To accomplish this drive two 8 penny nails in the 2' x 4's or sawhorses near the end forming a "V" shape to allow a boom stick to set and revolve freely between the two nails.

  • Once this is done, take the broom stick and put it in through the roll and suspend it between the sawhorses and allow it to rest in the "V" you formed with the two nails at the end of each of the sawhorses.

  • Measure down the sawhorses 3 or 4 feet and put two more nails in the shape of a "V" which allows a rake to be suspended and revolve around freely.

  • Take the ATTICSHIELD and unroll the desired length from the big roll in smaller rolls which can be easily rolled out in your attic. By using a rake handle to roll the smaller rolls onto, you can use the head (or rake part) of the rake as a handle to rotate and roll the attic shield onto the handle.

  • Once the desired length is rolled out, cut and pull the handle out leaving just the roll.

Plan to do your installation during the early morning hours when your attic is the coolest and try to work with someone. It's safer and goes a lot faster than just one person. It is strongly advised to wear a dust mask while in your attic to prevent inhalation of fibers of fiberglass or other material from your mass insulation. Know where your ceiling joists are and by all means don't step through your ceiling. Nailing 1 x 6's across your ceiling joist's to create a path down through the highest part of attic may help movement in the attic and prevent you from stepping through the ceiling.

Once you start rolling out the precut rolls, you can take a broomstick with a nail in the end of it and use it as a push rod to move the attic shield around into tight places without having to crawl around using your hands to place the material. Once the ATTICSHIELD is in place, roll out the next roll and overlap it with the previous one by about 1 or 2 inches. It is not necessary to staple the ATTICSHIELD down unless around an attic fan or exhaust fans where there's a lot of air movement. Do not put attic shield over recessed lights or recessed ceiling heaters in bathrooms, but cut about 1 inch out around these fictures to allow heat to escape out into the attic vents. Do not put ATTICSHIELD over any naked wires in your attic. These should be properly repaired before installing ATTICSHIELD. An electrician should do this.

Try not to stay in your attic too long but instead plan to work for about 30 minutes to an hour each morning with a buddy until it's finished.

You'll feel the difference immediately!!

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